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I'm a Colombian-Italian multimedia documentarist with a juridical background living in Madrid, Spain.

Creating multi-media content for Amnesty International's Italian branch marked the start of my career in 2017. Since then, my research has concentrated on memory, migration, and war zones in Latin America and Spain.

I've worked with international news outlets like MEGA TV Miami, WRadio Colombia,, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, and international non-governmental organisations like the International Red Cross, Save the Children, and Amnesty Youth Europe.

Since 2021, I've been a member of the Video Consortium.



Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021 | 3rd place Winner in "Editorial - Conflict"

Chromatic Photography Awards 2021 | 3rd place Winner in  "Photojournalism"


Les nostres pells. Una exposició sobre la identitat individual i col·lectiva ", Barcelona, Spain - 2021



Bachelor's Degree in Law - Current

Madrid, Spain

IEFC, Universitat Central de Catalunya - Barcelona, Spain

Education in the narrative and expressive elements of audiovisual and photographic documentaries

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Escuela de Periodismo El País - Madrid, Spain

Workshop: Journalistic practices in Latin America, prosperous news initiatives in the region, decision-making, strategy, resources, on-site preparation, and security protocols for journalistic reporting.


HEFAT Course: Photojournalism in Conflict Zones, Techniques and Equipment for Journalists Working in Urban Conflicts and Conflict in Foreign Areas.

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